Hangout #004 The SQL Server resources you just need to know about

In this 4th G+ Hangout, I was joined by my friend from Israel Matan(twitter|blog). We discussed what are the SQL Server resources you just have to know about and even though his mic went bad at the end of the hangout, I believe we shared some that you definitely need to take a look at! Here is the recording and the resources that we discussed in it:


SQL Down Under ->
RunAsRadio ->
PeopleTalkingTech -> (I was in this one recently!)
.NET Rocks ->

Free and paid video materials:

Channel9 (free) ->
SQLBits (free) ->
PASS Recordings (free) ->
Edge Technet (free) ->
Pluralsight –
Lynda (paid) ->
CBT Nuggets (paid) ->

Blogs: Amm… we started with them, but because of the problems with Matan’s mic we will probably do a separate hangout pointing to some great resources! Stay tuned!

Hope that you will find these resources both interesting and helpful, because they really are! By the way, they are entertaining too, but I will let you find this out by yourself!

Cheers! (my windows phone is ringing again. i hope i won’t hear the “replication” word…)

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