Book Review: What’s New in SQL Server 2012

What is new in SQL Server 2012
Some days ago, I went in search for information on Distributed Replay – one of the new features in SQL Server 2012. If you are like me and you have already tried to find some information on this feature, you have probably noticed that there is almost no such. However, I was quite surprised when I found the book “What’s new in SQL Server 2012. Unleash the new features of SQL Server 2012”, where you will be able to find a whole chapter on the topic and a bit more…

“What’s New in SQL Server 2012. Unleash the new features of SQL Server 2012”, which is published by PACKT Publishing contains just about 240 pages. However, I want to comment the way it is written! Every single chapter is full of:

1. Short, but great explanations
2. More than enough screenshots and graphics

Both of these make this book look like a collection of great blog posts and I really like that!

As for the topics covered, you will find great chapters on what has changed, which are the new features and capabilities coming with SQL Server 2012 and more. This means that these topics are discussed:

– Licensing
– Improvements in the T-SQL area
– AlwaysOn
– Distributed Replay
– MDS and DQS
– SSIS and SSRS improvements
– Private cloud and big data

In the end, I would strongly recommend this book to everyone who is searching for the specifics of SQL Server 2012, what’s new in the product and what it has to offer. The authors have done fantastic job on explaining and demoing the new features of the product and if you want to learn more about them, you should seriously start thinking on how to get a copy of this book…

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