Hangout #18 Delayed Durability and The New Cardinality Estimator

SQLHangout 18 with Gianluca Sartori(t|b) on two of the new features inside SQL Server 2014 that you should definitely pay attention to – the new cardinality estimator and delayed durability. Listen to why these can help you improve the performance of your queries, but don’t forget that you have to test them beforehand! Hope you enjoy it no matter the fact that there was a 20 second network drop exactly at the moment we started to talk about delayed durability. Enjoy! icon smile Hangout #18 Delayed Durability and The New Cardinality Estimator

My online home is under construction…

website under construction My online home is under construction...
Please be informed that the website is going through a huge changes and is still “under construction”. It will probably remain this way for at least 1 or 2 weeks more as I am doing everything on my own. However, here is what changed till now and what’s on the map:

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Hangout #17 XTP for Data Warehousing

SQLHangout #17 with Rasmus Reinholdt(t|b) on how to use the most popular piece of technology in SQL Server 2014 not for OLTP workloads, but for OLAP ones. Listen carefully to what Rasmus have to say and how he actually used XTP as part of an ETL process in order to speed the load of the data dramatically! Also “get creative” and you may even think of ways how to deal with the limitations of the technology – see what I mean here(it’s related to the MERGE statement)! Enjoy watching! (bonus – you will hear some info even for PDW)

Update: For some reason G+ recorded only Rasmus, but not me. I will follow up on this and double check it for the next recording!

T-SQL Tuesday #53 Why so serious?

TSQL2sDay150x150 T SQL Tuesday #53 Why so serious?
Let me put it this way because I do not want to disappoint: you will not see any T-SQL code down below! However, what you will see is something that has the potential to become a “frequently used phrase” (and a funny one indeed), which you, your team or the whole office may start using! Be careful. You were warned!

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Hangout #16 How to Organise a SQL Server Event?

SQLHangouts #16 with Janos Berke (t|b) and Zoltán Horváth (t|b) – the guys that put up quite a show for SQLSaturday Budapest where I actually also delivered a session! In this hangout video you will hear from them some of the things you need to know if you want to organise a SQL Server event. Prepare yourself as some of their advices are quite unusual, but it is exactly what I wanted to hear from them – lessons learned! So with a more than 500 people on their event now behind their back, I am sure you will be interested to hear their opinion and they can be of great help to you if you are also planning to organise or probably volunteer for an upcoming event in your region! Enjoy!

Recognised as SQL Server MVP!

mvp horizontal fullcolor 1024x414 Recognised as SQL Server MVP!

I know I have to put a blog post around this, but it’s so hard for me to express how I feel and actually how happy I am at the moment! 1st of April was a date on which a dream of mine became true – I received the MVP Award of Microsoft! That recognition is something I was pursuing from quite some time and was indeed one of my goals for this year!

Thank you, Microsoft, for making me part of this exclusive community of experts and naming me an MVP! I feel honoured and privileged to be one of the few SQL Server experts awarded with this prize!

Joining the Pluralsight Family

pluralsight Joining the Pluralsight Family

Training and education evolve and if there is one organisation that really gets that, I believe that’s Pluralsight. I have been subscribing for their courses for more than a year, but now I am really pleased to share that I will join their company as Author and Instructor! This means that I am now going to be producing content for them and that is really something special and something that I am quite proud of! My first course is coming soon and it will be on the topic of Auditing SQL Server with Policy-Based Management. Expect quite an interesting modules as I will be also touching on topics like PowerShell, AlwaysOn Availability Groups and EPM Framework!

Already looking forward to start the preparation of the course and I hope I will soon be able to share part of the experience on this video below – Pluralsight Author Summit!

T-SQL Tuesday #52 Argue Against A Popular Opinion

TSQL2sDay150x150 T SQL Tuesday #52 Argue Against A Popular Opinion

“For me only my technical skills matter!” or “I prefer to spend time only developing my technical skills!” or “If I have the needed technical skills, I will be just fine!”! That’s what I am hearing very, very often and don’t get me wrong – I agree with it… partially! What a great chance for me to talk with an imaginative person(IP) and discuss it!

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Speaking for the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter

PASS VC DataAdministration Speaking for the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter

On 26th of February I will be speaking for the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter! I will present on the topic of Distributed Replay in SQL Server 2012 and how it can help you do performance tuning, application compatibility testing and forecasting. So if you are interested in any of those three above or you feel like they are important for you and your job, register for the webinar and I hope to see you online!

Update: Below are the recording and the questions that I did not have time to cover during the webinar. I hope that they will be helpful to you: Read More

Speaking at SQLSaturday #275, Copenhagen

SQLSaturday 275 Copenhagen Speaking at SQLSaturday #275, Copenhagen

I will be speaking in Copenhagen on 29th of March! This one is a huge one for me because I will again have the chance to be among rock star professionals and SQL Server experts! Unfortunately, because of this engagement, I declined to speak on the Global Azure Bootcamp, but I promised to do it next year! My session in Denmark will be on Distributed Replay in SQL Server 2012(and above) and I can’t wait already! See you there, #sqlfamily (watch out for me – I will be wearing a T-Shirt with that hashtag!).  Read More

T-SQL Tuesday #051: The Bet

TSQL2sDay150x150 T SQL Tuesday #051: The Bet
Once upon a time I was working for a customer that had quite an impressive HA + DR + Reporting solution. It was needed because the main systems were located in Asia and Europe, but the reporting part was actually done in the US. What the system looked like back then (as long as I can remember) was 3 four-node active-active clusters(1 per region) with 4 SQL Server instances each. Between all of those, however, there was transactional replication which was moving the data from Asia to Europe and from there to the US databases in order for the reporting teams to query the data(critical part of the service that was provided).

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Speaking at SQLSaturday #280, Vienna

SQLSaturday 280 Vienna Speaking at SQLSaturday #280, Vienna

On 6th of March I will be speaking in Vienna! This time SQLSaturday is actually on Thursday, but that only makes it even more special! I will be delivering 2 sessions – one on Distributed Replay and one on SQL Server Concurrency with almost 20 more rock star speakers (just check out the agenda!). Already looking forward to the conference and visiting Vienna again! Let this SQLSaturday be a great SQL Thursday! See you there! Read More

Hangout #15 with Richard Campbell on DevOps

SQLHangout #15 with Richard Campbell(site|twitter) who is also the host of RunAs Radio - one of the most popular podcasts in the IT world(I was on it too recently) joined me to talk about the concept of DevOps. If you haven’t heard about this emerging role or if you are interested in how DevOps will change your current role as a DBA or developer, I think you will definitely like this one! Enjoy watching!

Robin Sharma. The Masterclass and Me.

Robin Sharma Master Class Robin Sharma. The Masterclass and Me.I am following the work of Robin Sharma and his advises for a long time now. Last year I saw his offering about his Masterclass, but it was just too expensive for me(serious 4-digit number). I thought to myself that I just have to be part of his class one day and this year I went for it! Up until now (and the real 12-week training has just started), I can tell you that this training program is worth every penny! Stay tuned for more details around the Masterclass as I will be posting them here in the upcoming weeks…

My Podcast for RunAsRadio

RunAsRadio My Podcast for RunAsRadio

Just recently I recorded a podcast with Richard Campbell(blog|twitter) for his famous internet radio show – RunAs Radio! We discussed one of my favourite topics – Distributed Replay – a topic that you will not hear or see a lot on the web unfortunately! So if you are interested in the subject and want to hear more about how you can replay your workload and thus be better informed about what’s going to happen with your app’s performance or whether or not it will what so ever – download the show, listen and let me know what you think! 

Hangout #14 with Alberto Gastaldo on Teaching SQL Server

It’s #14 and this time I am joined by a friend of mine from Italy – Alberto Gastaldo(blog|twitter). We met in Italy on the SQLSaturday in Verona and we immediately started talking about delivering trainings on SQL Server and teaching people. That’s why I asked him to join me for a SQLHangout and give some of his advices on what does it mean and what must a trainer consider in case he wants to deliver his training in a proper way! Listen to our discussion and the advices given and I hope that you will find it helpful if you want to enter in the so called “training space”! Enjoy!

Oh, and if you want to learn more about Presentation Skills, you can check the 3 part series of blog posts that I wrote on the topic. Start here.

Hey, Recruiters! Learn LinkedIn!

Boris Hristov LinkedIn Profile Hey, Recruiters! Learn LinkedIn!

A lot of IT Recruiters are on LinkedIn nowadays, but most of them do not know how to use the platform properly and that hurts everyone or at least the guys like me that really try to not spend time on things that do not matter. Let me tell you what I mean. I promise I will keep it short!

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Hangout #013 End-to-end BI Solution with Tomaž Kaštrun

In #13 I am joined by a friend of mine from Slovenia - Tomaž Kaštrun(blog|twitter). I met him at SQLSaturday Slovenia, but unfortunately I was not able to attend his session and that’s why I invited him to talk with me about Business Intelligence! In this hangout session you will learn more about what exactly do you need in order to build the ultimate BI solution and which component of SQL Server is used when? Many people wonder what is DQS and MDS (or both), what’s that Analytical Cube and why do I have to use a staging database for my BI solution. If you need more clarity on all of these and more – watch and I hope you enjoy it!

Hangout #012 SQL Server Consolidation with William Durkin

In SQL Hangout #12 I was joined by a friend of mine from UK – William Durkin(blog|twitter) who, however, is working as a SQL Server DBA in Germany. He is in the middle of a huge consolidation project(me too) and in this 30-minute hangout we share what we have learned, why you need to use the MAP Toolkit before you even start such type of project, where problems could arise and much more! I believe this was one of the best hangouts till now and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

T-SQL Tuesday #050 Automation

TSQL2sDay150x150 T SQL Tuesday #050 Automation

Hearing the word “automation” is like hearing “cloud computing” – everyone knows at least a bit about it. What’s more interesting is how many people are actually taking steps to “go there” and get their hands dirty and thus become more productive. I myself am a time management fanatic and I really, really like to spend my time on things that matter and cannot be otherwise done by a script, algorithm or machine in general. This blog post will touch on a very simple trick that all of us can use in our day-to-day job and I call it “automate the automation”. Let me tell you more about it… Read More