T-SQL Tuesday #57:
SQL Family and SQLHangouts

TSQL2sDay150x150 T SQL Tuesday #57:<br>SQL Family and SQLHangouts

I am completely blown away by our community. Period. It makes me feel proud that so many people all around the world have formed such a strong group that help each other 24×7 in as many ways as you can think of! What’s more, I always point out that personally, I am not aware of any other “family” that can even get close to what we as SQL Family do(someone to correct me if I am wrong). That being said some time ago I came up with an idea.  Read More

Career Move.
BULPROS and Freelancing.

BULPROS Career Move. <br>BULPROS and Freelancing.It’s been 3 years since I have been working for HP as a SQL Server DBA and it’s really hard for me to explain what an experience it is to be part of this huge company. It really is! I started my professional DBA career there and I learned tons of things during my stay there. I learned how Fortune 500 companies work, how their IT departments work, what processes need to be followed and most importantly – I have been lucky enough to build and work with some of the most biggest and complex SQL Server solutions in the world! It’s time for change however…  Read More

Legion Run!
The Challenge!

legion run 368x254 Legion Run! <br>The Challenge!Legion run… Can be described(at least by me) as one of the most challenging things I have ever seen in my life and because I love challenges, you guessed it, I am in! Together with another 10 friends of mine we formed “A Legion” and we are going for it this Saturday morning! Wish us good luck because we will definitely need it(just click on the image above to see what I mean)!

Update and photos are coming in the weekend. In the meantime, as Legion Run is actually an international event, you may ask yourself whether or not you want to challenge yourself with it too because I can assure you – that would be quite an experience!

My First Course for Pluralsight!

Auditing SQL Server with Policy Based Management1 My First Course for Pluralsight!

I am extremely happy to share that my first course for Pluralsight just went online! It is “just slightly” touching on the topic of SQL Server Policy-Based Management(for 5 hours) and as this is my course I would highly appreciate any feedback from all of you that will decide and manage to watch it!

What you can expect is a very demo-intensive course(80% of the videos are actually demos) and it starts from zero and ends at the moment when we are familiar with what PBM can do for us, how it works, how you can use it with Centralised Management Server and how we can actually make the Enterprise Policy Management Framework to generate beautiful reports. I am a serious fan of Policy-Based Management and the reason for this is extremely simple – it saves you time. OK, it actually saves you a lot of time! So if you want to know how you can audit your environment with as few clicks as possible – I really belive the couse will be of great help to you! So I hope you will find it useful and I hope you will learn a lot of new things!

Enjoy and keep me posted on what you think I could have done better!

Speaking at SoftUni, Sofia

softuni bulgaria Speaking at SoftUni, Sofia

On 10th of July I delivered a 3-hour seminar at the biggest IT University in Bulgaria – SoftUni. It was an incredible experience and I am still blown away by the fact that this organisation did not even exist some months ago! This place is absolutely revolutionising the way how IT education is done and it was a pleasure for me to be part of this process! I talked to the students about what SQL Server is and I also shared some practical advices on what they should be careful about when they plan, install and configure the product. We also touched on how the authentication works and how can they create and assign the needed permissions for their applications. My slide deck is below, but I have to say we needed it for just 50% of the time. During the other 50% we were hands on with our VMs!

Thanks again to all who participated and stayed till the late hours of the day! I really hope you enjoyed it and yes, I will see you again soon!

T-SQL Tuesday #056:
The Assumption

TSQL2sDay150x150 T SQL Tuesday #056: <br>The Assumption

Assumptions. What an interesting word!

How many of you have said to yourself or have at least once heard “I will not be a good presenter. That ain’t just me!”? Let me guess – a lot of you! And writing this (short) blog post, it hurts me. It hurts me that so many brilliant professionals just conclude that something, for some reason can “stop them” being great speakers/trainers/presenters.  Read More

Hangout #22 BIML.
An Introduction!

SQLHangout 22 with Cathrine Wilhelmsen(t|b) on a very interesting and new topic for me – BIML – Business Intelligence Markup Language. We talked for almost 30 minutes about that exploding and new (OK, not that new – 7 year old) technology that can be a huge time saver for you especially if you are working with BI projects and you are constantly asked to develop SSIS packages or SSAS cubes! If you are the kind of person who have just heard about BIML and want to understand more about it, what you can use it for and how it can save your life then I have nothing else to say, but enjoy watching!

Note: G+ Hangouts were again not working as I was expecting it to and I am really sorry for that – first it was Cathy that struggled with audio problems for at least 10 minutes and then you will probably notice that our cameras were not switching as you may expect them to(whenever someone talks). Still, I believe you will enjoy the talk as there is a lot of great information and insights there! Again – enjoy!

Learn Presentation Skills from a Tour Guide!

Tourist Guide Learn Presentation Skills from a Tour Guide!

Some time ago I was invited to speak at the fantastic SQLSaturday event in Copenhagen. On the day after the conference, all speakers were invited on a city tour, but not just a simple “city tour”, but one with a tour guide!  I do not know how many of you have ever hired such a person, but if you have the chance – please do it. You will have dramatically better experience exploring the city! Now, what I wanted to stress on in this blog post is what each one of us can learn from a tour guide in terms of presentation skills because at the end of the day, what those people are actually doing is presenting and story telling. If they do it well, you will enjoy your walk with them. If not – you will probably be disappointed (sounds familiar?). Here are the things that impressed me quite a lot in our tour guide(and I am not that easy to be impressed, let’s be honest!) and what I believe each and every presenter has to be able to do:
Read More

Hangout #21 SQL Server Community: Why Bother?

SQLHangout 21 with William Durkin(t|b) and yes, we discussed an important topic – the SQL Server community! I strongly believe that our community is indeed the strongest one and it’s just a shame to be not part of it. However, there are still people (and brilliant ones) that for one reason or another still prefer to stay away from it and our opinion (of me and William) is that they should definitely at least reconsider that choice. The reason why you should join and become active part of the SQL community(and we mentioned so many ways for people to become part of it) is “hidden” in this 30-minute video chat, so I really hope you will enjoy watching and please – feel free to comment and share(especially this video). I hope it can reach many, many people out there!

Speaking at SQLSaturday #323, Paris, France

SQLSaturday 323 Paris Speaking at SQLSaturday #323, Paris, France

I am thrilled to share that I will be speaking at SQLSaturday 323 at Paris! That will be a fantastic chance to finally meet at least part of the SQL Server community in France and I am definitely looking forward to it! The venue looks amazing and I have already prepared some very interesting presents (and unique ones by the way!) for my audience, so see you in September!

P.S. If anyone of you will be in Paris (speakers, I am talking to you) 2 or 3 days before the event – let me know.

Hangout #20 SQL Server Data Types

Special edition! SQLHangout 20 with Mickey Stuewe (b|t) was just recorded and yeah, it was a fun one! We talked about SQL Server data types, why they are important and what problems we may face if we do not choose them correctly in the design phase of our application. If you are interested to hear Mickey’s opinion (and I highly recommend you do so) on that subject, just click on the video below and enjoy!

T-SQL Tuesday #055: The Good Ones Almost None Of Us Talk About

TSQL2sDay150x150 T SQL Tuesday #055: The Good Ones Almost None Of Us Talk About

T-SQL Tuesday is here again and what a fantastic topic to discuss – what we like and what we do not like in SQL Server 2014! It’s interesting for me to talk about this because I just recently delivered a presentation on the biggest Microsoft conference in my country, so here is my opinion on five improvements that mostly affect the developers (as the conference’s audience were only developers) that I consider enormous advantages in SQL Server 2014.  Read More

Book Review: Getting Started with SQL Server 2014 Administration

Getting started with SQL server 2014 Administration Book Review: Getting Started with SQL Server 2014 Administration

Recently I was in a search for one more “document” that talks about the new improvements in SQL Server 2014 (because you know how it is – once a new version comes up everyone talks only for the top features and forgets everything else). I then remembered that some time ago I did a short book review for PACKT Publishing and their book “What’s new in SQL Server 2012″ and I thought I should probably check if they have something that would be helpful to me. It turned out they do really have and that’s the book from the picture above.

Read More

Speaking at SQLSaturday #313, Rheinland, Germany

SQLSaturday 313 Rheinland Speaking at SQLSaturday #313, Rheinland, Germany

On 28th of June I will be speaking at a SQLSaturday event in Germany! This time I will be flying to Köln and somewhere there – between Köln and Bonn, we will be talking all day long for SQL Server! I hope to see a lot of old friends of mine there, but even more I want to meet new people who live and breath SQL Server!

See you all there!

Update: The conference went really well! Together with Dejan Sarka(b|t) and Matija Lah(b|t) we spent the day before the conference in Cologne and Bonn doing sightseeing! Those are just incredible cities! Definitely recommend you visiting them if you are able to! Some of the photos that I took can be found here and as you may probably see there are some from the conference itself. However, the really good photos from the event have been done by Dirk Hondong (SQLPaparazzi) and you can see them in his flickr account. Below is my slide deck and here are all the scripts I used! Enjoy!

Hangout #19 Lessons Learned: Implementing
SQL Server PDW!

SQLHangout 19 (and not 20 as I actually thought) with Mark Stacey (t|b) who is a SQL Server expert in data warehousing and especially in one specific subject that not many of us can talk about from first hand experience – Parallel Data Warehouse. Mark has worked on projects involving  SQL Server PDW Appliance  which is now actually called SQL Server APS (but ANYWAY). Listen and learn from his experience why is PDW (or should I call it APS) a “strange beast”. We are both sorry for the not that good video quality, but we hope you will understand us – Mark was in Africa during the recording, so, yeah…! Enjoy the learning and not the quality of the video itself!

Speaking at SQLSaturday #310, Dublin

SQLSaturday 310 Dublin Speaking at SQLSaturday #310, Dublin

On 20th September I will be speaking about SQL Server concurrency at the SQLSaturday Conference in Dublin, Ireland! That’s the biggest SQL Server event in the country and I have to say – I am so grateful to be chosen as speaker! Already looking forward to the event and I hope to see a lot of new people from the #sqlfamily there!

Dublin, finally, will see you soon!

T-SQL Tuesday #54 An Interview Invitation
(The Summary)

TSQL2sDay150x150 T SQL Tuesday #54  An Interview Invitation <br>(The Summary)

With around 20 posts for this month, I believe we have quite some material on the topic of interviews now! Here is a quick recap of the amazing blog posts from this month!

Rob Farley (t|b) shared his thoughts on what changed in the pre-interview process and what he expects to know about each and every future candidate. Otherwise the risk of hiring that person is just higher. See why.

Warwick Rudd (t|b) shared his experience with both various formats and situations in which you may need to hire a SQL Server professional. Read his story here.

JK Wood (t|b) gave his advice for all people that are just starting up their career – be honest.

Read More

My third group of students!

Boris Hristov and SQL Server Students My third group of students!
In the last three years I have been honored to have a small group of students(that’s not the university classes that I teach at Sofia University) that I teach in the basics (OK, not only the basics) of SQL Server administration! This year the course passed so quickly it’s mind blowing! 40 hours of quite an intensive training are now behind our backs and I have to say I am really happy with the results accomplished. We started from the basics and ended somewhere in the HA territory which gave the students quite a broad knowledge and experience of what they can do with SQL Server and how they can help their current or future customers/organizations.

Looking forward to next year already.

Speaking at SQLTuneIn Conference, Zagreb

SQLTuneIn 2014 Zagreb Speaking at SQLTuneIn Conference, Zagreb

On 2th and 3rd of June I will be speaking at SQLTuneIn Conference in Zagreb! This conference is probably the biggest of its kind in the region and focuses specifically on SQL Server. There will be sessions on almost everything you can think of – development, Azure, Business Intelligence, administration and they will be led by well-known experts, MCMs, MVPs and even people that were in the SQL Server development team!

Hope to see you there!

Update: The conference was seriously amazing! Perfect organisation, perfect venue, amazing speakers and even more amazing audience! Some photos from the conference (and from Zagreb in general) can be found here, my slides are below and as for the materials (even the databases) that I used – just click here.